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Day107-108 Lago Titicaca


I arrived in Lago Titicaca. It has been a sacred lake for the Inka people. I had a 2 day tour to Isla de Los Uros (the floating islands), and other islands.

まずはウロス島。家も船も、そして島自体もトトラという水生植物でできていて、歩くとフカフカする。 トトラの根っこと土でできたブロック(軽いので水に浮く)を縄で縛り、その上に刈ったトトラを3mほど敷き、家を建てる。トトラはどんどん腐食していくため、月に2-3回は新しいトトラを敷くそう。大小40ある浮島に700人が住んでいるという。何もないところに島を作ってしまうという発想がすごい。

First I went to Uros. Here, the houses, boats, and even the island itself is made from reed plants called "totora". It feels like you're walking on a water bed. The root of totoras forms a block which are light enough to float, and they tie them together with a rope, and stack totora leaves on them up yo 3 meters. There are 40 islands in total, and 700 people live there. It's interesting that they actually made an island in the middle of the lake and living there for centuries.


Totora is also edible. It's sweet and sour.


The boat is called "balsa". Its hard to row because its heavy.


Beautiful embroideries.

アマンタニ島まで船に乗ること3時間。この島にはプレインカの遺跡が2つあるが、保存のために村人すら年に一度のお祭りの時以外立ち入り禁止となっている。電気も車もなく(自家発電のソーラーパネルはある)、農業と編み物や織物などの手工芸品が主な産業。ここでホームステイをさせてもらう。 港に着くとホストマザーたちがたくさん出迎えてくれた。

3 hours boat trip to Amantani. Here, they have two Pre Inka ruins, but even the residents can only get in once a year at the festival, in order to preserve it. No cars, no electricity (except solar panels), and they live on Agriculture and handcrafts such as knitting and weaving. I had a home stay at this island. Many home mothers welcomed us at the port.


I stayed in Francisca's house, with Ding from China and Luisa from Brazil. I was thinking of a modest house, so I was surprised to see such a cute one.


Lunch was quinoa soup and fried cheese with many kinds of potatoes. Vegetables and cheese are all from the island. They barely eat meat nor fish.


We were supposed to hike to the top of the mountain, but I wanted to learn more from Francisca, so I decided to stay. I learned how to spindle yarn, and helped cooking dinner.


Put two threads into one. It looks easy but it's so hard that you can't even spin the spindle. Need practice...


Beautiful lake view.


It's amazing how she cuts all the vegetables without using a cutting board. I tried, but I was afraid I would cut my finger.


Dinner was semolina soup and fried vegetables with cheese. Simply seasoned with only salt, but tasted so good with all the flavors of the vegetables. I like it that Peru also has a soup culture like Japan. It warms you up. I also kept drinking muña tea, which is a kind of mint. It's good for your stomach.

おりがみを一緒につくった。 We made origami together.


After dinner, we dressed into traditional clothes and went to the party. On the way we could hear the sound of the waves, which makes you feel like you're by the ocean. There is barely any light, so the stars were so beautiful.

フォルクローレの演奏に合わせ、みんなでダンス。 ぐるぐる回る。ビールもまわる。 たのしい夜だった。

We had beer and danced with the traditional folclore performance. So fun!

朝ごはんはキヌアのパンケーキ。(写真撮るの忘れたけどおいしかった!) そしてホストファミリーとお別れ。。たった1日だったけどすてきな時間を過ごさせてもらいました。 でももっとスペイン語ができたらいろんな話ができたのにと思うと残念。がんばろう。

We had quinoa pancakes for breakfast. I forgot to take a picture but it was delicious.

Time to leave... It was great though it was only one day. But I wish I could speak more Spanish to talk more with them. I'll improve!


At last, we arrived to Taquile. They are famous for their weaving, and it became a World heritage since 2005. The men also do knitting here. They have different clothes depending on whether you are married or not.


The gates are cute.


I never seen a man knitting before.

チチカカ from Japan


I came pretty far.


I can't believe it's a lake.


Lunch was trucha, a rainbow trout. I didn't have enough money so I was thinking of eating a banana, but Ding was so kind that she paid for me. Thank you so much...


I met awesome friends from Brazil, Columbia, USA, China, and India. I enjoyed talking about religion, food, work, and education.

コロンビアにもブラジルにも行きたくなった。旅をすればするほど、行きたいところが増えていく。と同時に、日本のことももっと知りたいという気持ちも大きくなっていく。 まだまだ旅は続きそうです。

I now really want to go to Columbia and Brazil too. The more I travel, the more places I want to go. And at the same time, I also want to know more about Japan. My journey will keep on going.