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Day 136-138 Laguna route #3



Laguna Cororada is also beautiful in the morning as well.







Camping in front of the lake is freezing!!








Today's goal is the hot springs 55km ahead. It seems like the road gets paved after 10km where it joins the way from Alota... at least I thought so...
First, I lost my way again so it took 3hours to join the road. And finally I joined the road... But where the heck is the paved road?





It's actually worse than the one before, especially with the steepness, and 2-3km/h again. I still have to climb 500m for 18km, and was wondering how many days it would take to the hot springs, when a group of motorcycle showed up and said, "Who told you this was a good idea? Hahaha. We have a car so we can give you a ride."
I tried to say I'm ok, but actually I was too tired to say anything, and they quickly packed me and my bike up. They also gave me plenty of water and some cookies, which made me feel so relieved. The roads were very bad, sometimes piled with sand for construction, and I was astonished by how fast the cars go, but I also felt a little bit guilty about cheating.





At the geyser, sol de mañana, I thanked them and restarted again. Thankfully, everyone said I should go with them, but I couldn't help feeling like cheating.





But when I tried to restart, something was wrong with the gears. I thought it was because I cheated. I tried to keep on going, but I found out that my rear career dropped on the gears. I was almost to break both the career and the gears.





After the 4900m peak was almost all the way down. The road was also better so it gains too much speed that it's sometimes scary. But there are still many sand and rocks so you have to be careful.
I was thinking that I could make it to the hot spring before it gets dark. It was 5km more to the goal, and I don't remember after that.



どれぐらい経ったのだろうか。気がついた時にはわたしは誰?ここはどこ?状態だった。頭を打ったようで痛い。ヘルメットをしていて良かった。とりあえず前に進まないと、とだけ思って自転車を押していた。しばらくすると向こう側からスイス人のチャリダー夫妻がやってきた。しばらく話していたのだが(意識が朦朧としていたので何を話したかあまり覚えていない)、わたしの様子がおかしかったのだろう、一緒についてきてくれることになった(彼らは逆方向なのに。。)。旦那さんのSteffは先回りして温泉まで行き、奥さんのSibylleは途中で通りがかったトラックにわたしと自転車を乗せてもらうよう頼んでくれて、温泉まで連れて行ってもらった。温泉の目の前に宿があり、そこのベッドに寝かせてもらい、同じ宿に泊まっていた人たちにも温かいお茶をいれてもらったり、着替えるのを手伝ってもらったりして至れり尽くせり。申し訳ない気持ちとありがたい気持ちと、もしこれで明日脳出血で死んだら親に顔向けできないといういろんな気持ちがごっちゃになって、Thank youと言いながら涙が止まらなくなった。横になるまで気が付かなかったけど、頭はガンガンするし、右半身も痛くて、あとで気づいたけどメガネも折れ、ヘルメットはヒビが入り、カッパもカバンも壊れ、そしてテントも落としてしまったようだから相当派手に転んだのだと思う。幸いケガは大したことなくてよかったけど、やっぱり焦ったり急いだりするとロクなことがないなというのが今日の学びです。


I'm not sure how many minutes passed. When I realized, I was wondering why and where i am here. It seemed like I hit my head. I'm glad I was wearing a helmet. I somehow felt I have to keep on going, so I was pushing my bike, when I met a Switzerland Cyclist couple and talked with them for a while. I actually don't really remember what we talked, but probably I was strange so they decided to come with me despite that they were going the opposite way.
Steff went back to the hot springs to ask for help, and Sibylle asked a truck driver to take me and my bike.
When I arrived to the hot springs, there was a hostel and everyone including the other guests helped me change my clothes, and gave me some hot tea. Sibylle and Steff came many times to make sure I was alright. I was so thankful and also felt sorry for everyone to help me, but also was worried about my parents what might happen if I might die. So I kept on saying "Thank you" and couldn't stop crying.
I didn't realize until I layed down, how my head and body was injured, and I must had a big crash because my rain jacket was torn, my helmet had a crack, my glasses were broken, and I dropped my tent.
Luckily my injury wasn't big, but I learned that I have to be careful especially when I'm in a hurry.




I still feel a bit dizzy, so I'm going to rest here for a day. After sending off everyone else, I went into the hot springs. Very nice!!






I wrote my diary, read my book, and played with the girl for a while, but I have nothing to do. I guess I have been always stuck to the Internet. I was looking for some wood to make crafts, but it's one of the hardest things to find in a desert.






I was so bored that I went into the hot springs again. I met the guide who I met a few days ago at Laguna Hediona, and talked with him for a while. It was interesting that he said " when you are born, you know nothing, but even when you die, you don't know everything." That is a similar thought that comes up in the book that I'm reading now.





This is a typical Bolivian dish...
Meat, pasta and a piece of potato.
I'll sleep on the floor tonight because I lost my tent...







I was wondering whether to go by bus or not, but I got better so I decided to go with my bike.
The first 10miles are pretty flat, but the comes a big hill. Usually the wind gets strong after evening, but today it started blowing before noon.

But it's ok for me at least you can ride.








There comes the Laguna!! (I thought it was Verde but this was Blanka)


And ... Laguna Verde at last!!






I couldn't help bursting into tears when I saw it. How beautiful... All the memories of the 8 days flashed back quickly. What a tough lonely week it was. But I'm so glad that I didn't give up!!






Passing one hill, you can't see it anymore. I was thinking of going to the border, but the wind is so strong so I'll stay near the Laguna. Last day in Bolivia.